Container Ship


Situated in the centre of the North Island of New Zealand, with access to Ports on all sides and working in compliance with the ‘GlobalGap Regulations’ (formally EuroGap) through Horticulture New Zealand, MorganLaurenson exports fresh vegetables to world markets.

The Directors are happy to talk with you about how they are can assist you with existing product or innovative new ideas, yours and theirs.


Fresh market potatoes are packed and shipped to customers in Asia and the Pacific.  Crisping varieties are grown and packed for customers in South East Asia.  Manawatu is an ideal growing region to meet the tight specifications of crisping potato manufacturers.  Morgan Laurenson is ideally located and positioned to meet customer needs.


N.Z Golden or Red Onions are packed and shipped to Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and the Pacific.  Product is available in bulk slings or 15, 20, & 25kg bags.

Carrots and other vegetables:

Enquires are handled for various other vegetable types.

Export Products

Brushed Potatoes

Washed Potatoes

Crisping Potatoes

Pre-pack Potatoes

Golden Onion

Red Onions

Carrots – Pre-packed & loose

Squash Buttercup

Green Vegetables

Carrots, Onions, Potatoes